Our Solid State Relays are designed for the modern digital age with particular attention being paid to ElectroMagnetic Compatibility,(EMC) and the effects of Conducted Electrical Noise in operating environments.

These include busy offices with sensitive IT systems and a host of light industrial facilities which have computerised automation on production lines - any electrical interference - conducted or radiated, can seriously disrupt, degrade or compromise the systems operation.

Root2 SSRs are designed to operate well within the limits set by the EU and USA EMC Directives with peak conducted noise levels below 65db at loads of up to 80 amps.

Standard SSRs typically produce levels of noise of 120db+ at quite low load currents and EMC line Filters are needed to achieve compliance. 
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emc certification test chart
EMC Certification test on Root2 SSR operating at 240Vac, 80Amps loading
Root2 Ltd was formed in 1999 and has been manufacturing ‘low noise’ solid state relays ever since. Customers include BAE Systems in the UK and USA.

The Company has been awarded BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification and all materials and services used are sourced only from certified and trusted organisations.
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